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• The gift that keeps on giving
• Visit your individually named vine anytime
• Bring your friends and show off your vine
• Enjoy the Membership Benefits


1. Adopt a Ballandean Vine.
$89 for a 3 year membership.  Includes 15% ‘family’ discount on wines.

2. Gourmet Picnic Gift for 2 and Adoption.
$164 for a gourmet picnic and 3 year membership.

3. Ballandean Reserve Wine Pack and Adoption.
$299 for 12 bottles of wine and a 3 year membership

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Become a vigneron without investing a million dollars!

You can now adopt a grapevine at Ballandean Estate and receive lots of special privileges, discounts and opportunities for involvement. The program is fun, yet educational too. Our Adoptive Parents are invited to ‘Join angelo in the Vineyard’ Days so they can learn more about the ‘vine-to-wine’ process. A family discount of 15% on wines purchased for the adoption period. And there are special days for Adoptive Parents at the vineyard too.

Personalised vine and Adoption Kit

You will receive an Adoption Kit that has an Adoption Certificate in it (suitable for framing) with a full colour picture of your vine with your personalised hang-tag.

The vine is tagged with a personalised hang-tag bearing the name of the owner and date of adoption. Adoptive owners will receive an Adoption Certificate stating the variety of vine and date of adoption and a vineyard map showing the exact location of the vine.

the perfect gift

You have visiting rights as an Adopt-a-Vine™ Parent.  Great for picture opportunities. Image a picture of you pruning your vine or picking grapes from your vine or just having a chat with your Adopt-a-Vine

This is a great present for anyone who ever once said ‘Gee, I wish I could own a vineyard’, or for that person who has everything. Visit the picture gallery on the Adopt-a-Vine website to see how much fun our Adoptive Parents have.