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…….. Since 1932 our family has produced wine from our vineyards in Ballandean for the enjoyment of Australian & International wine lovers. We are exceptionally proud of our contribution to the unfolding story of the Granite Belt Wine Region.  The future of the Granite Belt as a successful Australian Wine Region is in the hands of many talented professionals & our future generations will continue to be an integral part of the story

Angelo Puglisi


Ballandean Estate has been listed by leading wine expert James Halliday as one of Australia’s Ten Dark Horses of the Wine Industry.


wines that truly represent the flavours of the region.

The production of quality, boutique wines that express the unique characters of the Granite Belt in Queensland is what keeps the Puglisi family enthusiastic and innovative.

Ballandean Estate blends the history of their four generations with modern winemaking methods that results in a remarkable wine experience.

so many


Opera in the Vineyard is one of the largest annual regional events on the Granite Belt.

Opera In the Vineyard is a charity event held on the first weekend in May each year in the spectacular vineyards of Ballandean Estate Wines.   The event is one of South East Queensland’s premier cultural events, and the jewel of the Granite Belt’s social calendar. Opera in the Vineyard provides an intoxicating mix of music, wine, food and an unforgettable time.


Ballandean Estate Wines has plenty to offer and is open 9-5 everyday except Christmas and Good Friday.  In our spacious and comfortable tasting rooms you will find the friendly and knowledgeable staff to ensure your visit is one to remember.  Tours are 11am daily. The relaxing and award winning Barrelroom & Larder produces outstanding  cuisine sourced from within 3 hours of the restaurant and is a Granite Belt dining experience you will never forget, in fact, they have just been awarded a Chef’s Hat.

our history


The tradition of winemaking on Ballandean Estate was began in 1930, when Salvatore Cardillo and his young daughter Guiseppa came to settle in Ballandean. With the flood of Italian immigrants who settled in certain parts of Queensland in the first half of the century came many customs and values from the homeland… including a love of good food and wine.
Father and daughter planted table grapes on the farm, and from these made quantities of bulk red wine.  Through war and tough times, together they created a life and business in Ballandean.


Our first vintage was released


A young Italian widower Alfio Puglisi arrived in Stanthorpe after years of cutting cane in Innisfail.  He met and married Guiseppa and joined the family business to continue producing bulk red wine and other mixed farming.  They had three children Angelo, Mary and Sam.


When Angelo and new bride Mary took over the farm from Angelos’ parents in 1968, they saw the potential for a new expanded wine industry and decided to make and bottle wine commercially. Angelo and Mary replanted the vineyard, moving from table grapes to more marketable varieties of wine grapes. These were some of the first wine grapes to be planted on the Granite Belt and still consistently produce quality grapes.


The Cellar Door was opened for tasting and sales, firstly as Puglisi Cellars and then as Sundown Valley Vineyards


First Gold Medal at the Brisbane RNA


The winery name was changed to Ballandean Estate Wines


First Exports begin to UK, followed by Taiwan, USA, and Canada


Ballandean Estate Inducted into the QLD Tourism Hall of Fame


Ballandean Estate inducted into the Qld Hall of Fame by Family Business Australia


Today Ballandean Estate produces a large range of wines including alternative grape varieties such as Fiano, Sylvaner, Saperavi, Durif and Nebbiolo.
The production facilities at Ballandean Estate are well-equipped and continual investment ensures that modern technology is well integrated.  Ballandean Estate is also a contract wine production facility.

The winery boasts the oldest working barrels in the state, these 150 year old relics stand pride of place in the restaurant are filled with ageing Liqueur Muscat and Port.
The busy and comfortable Cellar Door is open every day from 9-5 and you will be greeted by friendly and knowledgable staff, who more than likely are one of the family.
Ballandean Estates most outstanding feature is the commitment of the family to excellence. As a team, the Puglisi family is committed to building a successful business, increasing awareness of the industry and promoting the region by organising events that attract large numbers of tourists and encourage them to return again and again.

our family

Angelo Puglisi

Owner/Vineyard Manager
Angelo Puglisi is considered to be the founder of the modern Queensland Wine Industry and over the past 80 years his family business, Ballandean Estate has been at the forefront of developing and promoting the Queensland Wine Industry.

  • 1977  Churchill Fellowship to study Winemaking and Wine Tourism in Europe
  • 1995  Paul Harris Fellow Award for community service
  • 1998 Tourism Ambassador Award
  • 1999 Ambassador for the Wesley Hospital
  • 2001 Qld Tourism Yellow Pages Business Directions Award
  • 2001 Centenary Medal
  • 2001 Qld Wine Press Club Most Significant Contribution Qld Wine Industry.
  • 2003 Queensland Great – awarded by Queensland Government.
  • 2003 Bassett Award – awarded by Queensland Wine Industry Association.
  • 2006 Dante Alighieri Society Award for the diffusion of the Italian Language and Culture
  • 2005-present – Australia Day Ambassador
  • 2011 Attended lunch in Brisbane with her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinborough as a guest of the Governor of Queensland.

Mobile: 0408 832 505

Mary Puglisi

Mary has been part of the Qld Wine Industry since her marriage to Angelo in 1968 when together they purchased the winery and vineyard from Angelo’s parents.

While Angelo grew the grapes and made the wine, it was Mary who fostered the humble beginnings of the Cellar Door at Ballandean Estate when the doors opened in 1970.

It was her commitment to a 7 day a week hospitality business that has seen tourism and the industry grow.

For over 35 years, Mary and her team catered lunches and dinners to thousands of people visiting the Granite Belt.  In 1997 this catering business blossomed into the Barrel Room modern dining restaurant.
For over 4 decades, Mary has proudly waved the Qld Wine Banner.  She is often seen promoting the industry at events across the state.

There is no doubt Mary has given a lifetime of service to the Qld Wine Industry.

Mobile: 0440 970 410

Leeanne Puglisi Gangemi

Twitter: @ballandeanwines
Client Relations Manager

Leeanne has worked for the family business Ballandean Estate Wines since 1992.  Coming back to the family business was always her intention as her passion for the wine industry and the beautiful Granite Belt could not keep her away.

During high school, it was Leeannes’ intention to study winemaking but after struggling through high school chemistry, she decided that it was the business part of the winery that would be her forte – particularly managing the cellar door – as we know, she doesn’t mind a chat!!!

  • Leeanne has also taken on many roles in industry associations and tourism associations:
  • Committee member of the Australian Small Winemakers Show since 1988.
  • Board member of the Southern Downs Tourist Association 1993-94, 2001-2003
  • Member of Management Committee Granite Belt Wine Industry Association
  • Department of Primary Industry & Fisheries Ambassador since 2006
  • Chair Wine Committee Sub-Committee of Granite Belt Wine Industry Association – 2007,08,09
  • Vice President Queensland Wine Industry Association 2008-09
  • President Queensland Wine Industry Association 2009-2010
  • Qld Representative on the Small Winemakers Committee of the Winemakers Federation of Australia -2009 until now
  • Member of the Transition Committee for Tourism in the Southern Downs Region 2013-14
  • Member of Steering Committee for the Stanthorpe Regional Community Bank – current

Robyn Henderson

Business Manager

Twitter @ballandeansista
Robyn has worked for Ballandean Estate full time since 1999.  Her role within the business is problem solver!  A blend of sales, export, HR, accounting and administration while mixing in family business issues make life in a regional winery fulfilling.

B Bus (Computing and Accounting)
Ph: 0746841226
Fax: 0746841288
Mobile: 0420 921934

Mario Gangemi

Production Manager

A glazier by trade, Mario married into the family business a couple of decades ago.  His versatile skills means there are few problems in the business he cannot solve.

Ph: 0746841226
Fax: 0746841288

our winemaking philosophy

“It aint over till it’s over”.. Dylan Rhymer.

Nothing is left to chance. It’s all about attention to detail. Starting in the vineyard with a blend of science and years of experience in the Granite Belt growing grapes, to bring in our fruit in its optimal condition. Then there’s the winemaking. Coaxing that fruit into releasing everything it has to offer. Constantly striving to make something different and wonderful to show you, but still respecting its integrity. Right through until that wine gets poured from the bottle into your glass and you’re savouring  the aromas and flavours.  Then it’s over. Just for that wine though. We’ll see you at the next.

our winemaker


I took the position of Chief Winemaker for Ballandean Estate Wines in 2000.

I’ve been living and making wine in Queensland for 17 years now. In the time I’ve been here I have seen the Queensland Wine Industry grow in leaps and bounds. The quality of our wines holds up to that of any other state. This is greatly due to the diversity of tertiary qualified and nationally/ internationally experienced winemakers and viticulturalists that now call Queensland home. Some are new to the industry here, some are sons and daughters returning to their family wineries.  But in their hands our industry will only get better as time goes by. The Queensland Wine Industry is a great place to be.

– Studied Hotel Management in Wellington, New Zealand
– Diploma of Wine Science
– First Winemaking Position: Brookfields Vineyards Hawkes Bay
– Flying Winemaker in Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, South Australia.
– 2000 Chief Winemaker, Ballandean Estate Wines


Ballandean Estate has 2 beautiful vineyards in Ballandean.

The original vineyard situated on Sundown Road, was first planted by Salvatore Cardillo in 1932

The oldest vines on this vineyard date back to 1968

The second vineyard Bellview was purchased in the late 1990’s and situated on a hill overlooking the Girraween National Park.

our sustainability


Ballandean Estate Wines recognises that the quality of our end product fundamentally depends on the quality of the land which we cultivate.

Our efforts to preserve the viability of our piece of earth include:

Soil Nutrition

Grape skins are recycled and used as mulch for soil.

Planting of green crops between rows every 2-3 years

Every year mulch made from a combination of saw dust, woodchip, mushroom compost, bull manure, chicken manure and straw is added to the soil.
This is used for soil nutrition and management by adding nutrients, retaining moisture and burying carbon into the soil.
Annual soil analysis is performed and used as a basis for returning to the soil missing natural elements.


Drip Irrigation across all vineyards eliminates water wastage


Minimal chemicals are introduced to the vineyard via insecticides and pesticides.


Ballandean Estate is endeavouring to manufacture our wines in a socially responsible manner. Reducing emissions and lowering the risks and expense associated with rising costs of electricity will aid in our ability to invest in future socially responsible differentiators.

Decreasing Carbon Emissions. 
In 2014 Ballandean Estate has committed to decreasing carbon emissions from fossil fuel powered electricity usage by 31.5%.

This has occured through the installation of a 30kW Solar System and also the replacement of all lighting across the facility with energy efficient bulbs.

Lightweight glass bottles, are used for the majority of wines sold 

The use of ‘carbon/green miles’ in promotional material.

Refrigeration Units are shut down when not required

Active research into new technologies where appropriate energy savings can be made.
In 2013 a Flotation Pump was used during vintage saving countless hours and energy in juice settling.

The in-line pump uses nitrogen to supersaturate the juice forcing the pulp to rise to the surface as opposed to time consuming and energy hungry cold settling.

Water tanks are attached to all buildings to capture rain water used within the facility.